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This answer was updated 1/25/22. We don’t know WHEN you will be able to buy a new mill. Nor do we know how much they will cost, BUT we hope to have that figured out sometime in the near future. We are turning a large corner and are moving into larger shop space mid February 2023. We will be starting refurbishing mills while we get organized to make new mills.

We (Keith and Joanna) took ownership of Mobile Dimension Saw on July 1 and it’s been a bit of an uphill trek getting the basics organized. Ron, the original owner, was forced to stop production in 2017 and everything is still in storage – just waiting.

All the parts have been modeled in 3D and now we have an engineer assembling them all together. Our first mills will be electric. Once the mill has been digitally assembled, then we will be able to get the parts quoted and come up with a production timeline. Once we have all our ducks in a row, then we will feel confident to start accepting pre-payments/down-payments on mills. Until then we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.

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    If you aren’t seeing what you need on our parts page, let us know what you need and we’ll see if we can bump it up the list for you. 😉

      Here is a brief history of recent events…

      September 2020, Keith and Joanna sold their business and decided to remodel their house in a big way like perfectly sane, rational people… *sarcasm*
      Keith and Joanna met Ron in early 2021 when Keith contacted Mobile Dimension about refurbing a mill be bought off eBay because Keith wanted to make siding for his wife.
      Initial offers to become involved with the business were made a few months later, but it didn’t go anywhere and Keith and Joanna are not pushy people so they let it go. Ron wasn’t ready yet.
      Spring 2022, Ron decided that Keith and Joanna might really be the best option for the continuation of the business. No one wants to let down their fan base.
      July 2022, Keith and Joanna took over… It’s been an interesting process. Dramatic. Not at all what we expected, but we’re too deep into this to turn back… not that we could because all you mill owners are lovely people who understand what we are dealing with and are cheering us on so hard we could never let you down! We genuinely appreciate everyone’s support. You’ve all worked with Ron and John and know what we are dealing with. We never ever saw this side of things until after the contract was signed, but right now the only way out is through. We are committed to organizing Mobile Dimension to be a profitable business again so that it will be around for the long haul. We will make mills again. We are here to add value to the company and revitalize the brand.

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